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Thank you for your feedback.

Above all else, providing excellent customer service is our main goal and all of our customer service agents are highly-trained and qualified.

Please be reminded that you were advised of the resort partner’s inability to accommodate you
within 24 hours of booking and were never charged for the reservation.

All of our special promotional packages are sponsored by the participating resort partner. Because of the high demand for these amazingly affordable vacation packages, every once in awhile, the participating resort discovers that reservations have exceeded the allotment.

Although this happens rarely, it puts BookVIP (as the booking company) in the difficult position of being the bearer of bad news.

We will send over 300,000 families on dreams vacations alone this year! We have more actual customer video reviews than any other travel site.

James Colligan
Resort Vacations International/
Dearborn, Michigan

i called after finding their informaiton on fb.. they help me get a suite for room for 399 when the advertisment was for 299.. i went with it and added 3 extra days.. they confirmed the booking is done.. so i went ahead and canceled my reservation that i had with another hotel.. couple of hours later i get a email..not a call but a email to call them back.. i call back to get the news that they have no rooms available, and to change my date.. I work for a public school district and this is the only time i get off.. we had our plans set till i ran across bookvip.. when we called to complain they only can say sorry and nothing else..

one hour later they sent a email again saying that i canceled my reservation.. wow.. these people are liars..

its a full scam and my vacation is ruined becuase of them..

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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