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I had booked my vacation with I would say this was really amazing experience with bookvip. This was hassle free hotel booking with no surprises. I would say this was greatest vacation I ever had. Customer service is awesome, so great guys with positive...
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#942459 by testimonial
We came to Breathless to get away and we had a wonderful time!The staff and E team were excellent!! We love going to the shows at night and the pool parties during the day! The food in the restaurant is amazing!!We owe this all to BOOKVIP fro making it happen!
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#931879 by testimonial
There's nothing bad about this place. This hotel and location is AMAZING!! Also front desk manager MIGUEL was very helpful and kind. Hopefully not forgetting anyone there. Thank you BookVIP for an amazing vacation!!. I will recommend this place to all my friends and...
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#931878 by testimonial
We went to Dreams on one of those "preview/sales" promotions with BookVIP. We got a SMOKIN deal and decided to go and try it out. We were gonna do the "couples only resort" but opted to try this one to see if we can take the kids in the future. So, I will break it down...
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#926308 by testimonial
Bookvip's reply to:

Bookvip - Disappontment

We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. We are sorry that your travel dates could not be accommodated by the Krystal Cancun Resort and that we did not have any alternative resort options to offer you due to the short timeframe before your scheduled...
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Bookvip Colorado Springs, Colorado
#914201 by anonymous
Bookvip Vacation Package Review from San Antonio, Texas
We went in April and we had a fabulous time. Yes we attended a small presentation. Literally it was just us two and the company and we picked our time. Wasn't an inconvienance at all. We had an awesome room as well and our trip was 499 for two people!! We...
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Bookvip San Antonio, Texas
#908364 by testimonial
The best hotel I have ever stayed in.Everything about this place is superb; the accommodation, beach, pools, entertainment, food, location and staff were much better than expected. We stayed for a week in the top notch bungalows which were of a high standard and...
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#904967 by testimonial
All my wife and I wanted to do for this vacation was read by the pool, beach, and lounge. What's great is the entertainment staff had activities for us to participate, completely optional and no pressure, but made it fun nonetheless. Shout out to ADAN (in English,...
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#904968 by testimonial
We did the adventure package which is the middle one. A great experience. We also used the spa facilities which were lovely and tranquil, lots of treatments available. It is a big hotel but golf buggies are on the go all the time. Would love to go back here in the...
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#890724 by testimonial
Dear Tecia, Thank you for sharing your experience. Although we are sorry for your disappointment and that you cut your vacation short, your review seems more of a review of the resort than directly against BookVIP. BookVIP has thousands of happy travelers every week,...
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Bookvip Mexico, Capital District
#888737 by tecialynn2006