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Dear Carmen,
We appreciate the opportunity to address your comments.

First and foremost, please be reminded that you were immediately refunded your $39 down-payment when you refused to cooperate with the sales representative.

Above all else, providing excellent customer service is our main goal and all of our customer service agents are highly trained and qualified. We apologize for any stress caused by the manner of communication of the representative you spoke with.

The vacation packages offered by BookVIP are amazingly affordable because the resort partner is paying for 70% of the cost of these promotions.

Due to the limited number of packages available, the resort partners set forth certain eligibility requirements to ensure that the packages are enjoyed by the guests for whom they are designed.

As the booking company, BookVIP must ensure that all guests are eligible for the promotional packages before reservations are made and sent to the participating resort provider.

The Terms and Conditions are reviewed during the sales call and must be accepted by the customer with their electronic signature before the dates are sent to the resort.

All the Terms & Conditions of the offer are listed at the bottom of each web page as they are slightly different for each. The reason why we have over 3.6 Million Facebook Likes, more customer video reviews and sent over 100,000 thousands of people on vacation this year alone is because we are the worldwide leader in promotional packages - that's our specialty. If you meet the resort's requirements and agree to attend the resort preview, you will receive the promotional rate

James Colligan
Resort Vacations International/

I wanted to make reservations for the ad on Westgate Hotel in Orlando. You advertised 4 days, 3 nights and $100 dining voucher for $99.00.

I spoke to a fellow with such a heavy accent that I couldn't understand if his name was Jovi or Jordan. Anyway, he asked some personal questions, like if I was married, if I had photo proof and what was my annual income. Duh!! What??

To make a long story short, he said I did not qualify for the $99.00, deal.

That is ridiculous, unacceptable and unfair. I asked him since when does your annual income have anything to do with making reservations?

He didn't have a reasonable answer.

What a joke, is. I am spreading the word to relatives, friends, and neighbors about the FALSE ADVERTISING.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookvip Westgate Hotel Room Booking.

Reason of review: $75,000. annual income to qualify.

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