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Dear Mr. Hasserjian

Thank you for your valuable feedback and we take all customers issues very seriously. We are able to look up reservations by the last name of customer, their email address, or telephone number, however, we are unable to locate any reservation with the information given by you to this web site. You can contact me direct at As an owner, I pride myself in BookVip offering the most discounted vacation packages and having an A+ rating Better Business Bureau for our customer service.

We will send over 300,000 families on dreams vacations alone this year! We have more actual customer video reviews than any other travel site. As a rapidly growing company we are not always perfect, however, I can be contacted directly at to resolve any issue or you can our call customer service call customer service 24/7 at 888 845 0602. Thank you
Dublin, California

BookVIP could not help us nor would they allow me to speak to a supervisor. They sent us to Expedia which is an affilated travel service.

Expedia then sent us to another affiliation (they did not know the name but it is a reservation payment company which in turn in a recorded message told us to go to our emailed itinerary to manage our reservation.

As we did from the beginning, which was the reason I called is the email itinerary link said we could not manage on that site and to call the number for BookVIP. It's a circle scam!

Reason of review: unable to find my reservation I have my email confirmation from BookVIP, just wanted to change one day!!.

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