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Hello Ashley,

We appreciate the opportunity to address your comments.

It is disappointing that we were unable to accommodate you when you called to book and finalize your vacation package.

As you were advised in August 2017, both of your open-dated vacation packages were cancelled for non-payment due to credit card decline.

Because each and every customer is valued here at BookVIP, we tried to contact you for over a week via telephone, text message and email regarding each of your reservations in the hopes that we would be able to update your credit card information and ensure proper billing.

We never heard from you and your reservation was cancelled. You were never ever charged.

The reason why we have over 3.8 Million Facebook Likes, more customer video reviews and have sent over 100,000 people on vacation this year alone, is because we are the worldwide leader in promotional packages - that's our specialty. If you meet the resort's requirements and agree to attend the resort preview, you will receive the promotional rate.

James Colligan
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They took my money off my card said my room was booked got a email saying room not available no more and want give me my money back they say now everything booked were we was going then done talk to 6 different people they act like they can't here or keep hanging up in my face after I been waiting to talk to someone 45 mins later there sorry I recommend no one to use this Fack website I'm warning you

then it say they open 24 hour but they just told me call back tomorrow between the hours you no good

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