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Dear Theresa,

Upon receipt of your request to cancel your reservation, and prior to receiving your review, the reservation booked in Theresa Davis’ name was being processed for cancelation and was refunded in full ($595).

Regarding the reservation booked in Kenneth Davis’ name, please be reminded that the resort discovered you were not eligible for promotion you booked, since you already had another reservation at the same property which was booked with another agency.

When you asked to change destinations, it was discovered that you were not eligible for the 2d package you chose since you had visited that same property within the past 12-months, which is in violation of the Terms and Conditions governing the promotion.

Due to the eligibility issues mentioned above, you were then given a store credit for the full amount that was charged ($595), as per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to in writing when you booked.

You are welcome to use your store credit towards any package on our website for which you are eligible, including the U.S. (please note that there are plenty of resort options in Mexico and in the U.S. for which you are eligible).

We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to book your next well-deserved vacation!

Thank you.
Kind regards,
BookVIP Management Team
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03-26-2021 On 11-13-2020 my husband, Kenneth Davis, purchased a package to go to Cabo MX with the upgrades and $595. was charged to our Credit Card ending #2034.

He bought this to surprise me. Then on 12-11-2021 I, Theresa Davis, bought a package with the upgrade for $595 to Cabo MX for us. I told my husband, and then he told me he had already gotten this package. I read on my confirmation that we could not go to Cabo twice so I then immediately called VIP about my mistake to cancel my 2nd package to Cabo to get my $595.

back. The woman I said I could use my second package any time and that I could change it to Cancun. I told her we already had plans to travel to Mexico in January 2021, and that we could not afford to travel twice to MX. She told me that was no problem and that we could use the packages anytime.

(She never asked our ages when she told me this)_ so I said ok, I will keep my package. A week ago, due our stimulus check, we decided to add one of our Cabo package to our this year 2021 vacation to Cabo to our current plans, BUT we were told we could not travel to any destination before going to our BookVIP vacation. I then asked if we could book for Jan 2022. The fallowing year.

Well, then, and only then, we were asked how old we would be in 2022 and I said I would be 68 and my husband would be 72.So (here you need to remember when I tried to cancel one of our packages that we were told we could use it an ANY TIME in the future) -- Here is where the problem arises. We cannot use ANY of the two packages we purchased now because my husband turned 70 last Sept!! I even tried to see if we could use our $1190. we paid you anywhere else even in the US and was told not anywhere… Well then what happens now?!

Is it really fair for you to keep our $1190. For nothing?! I asked the person I was talking to and he said he would refer our two vacations to the refund department. This was on 3-15-2021.

We have not heard anything yet. I believe we deserve a full refund of our $1190. based on this information. Please advise where we should go from here.

Thank you for your time. Kenneth and Theresa Davis

Location: Hyde Park, Vermont

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