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Dear Jodie,

Thank you for your feedback.

I'm sorry for the confusion surrounding the payments and refunded amount.

All of our calls are recorded, so we appreciate your comments as we were able to use the calls as valuable learning tools.

I am pleased that all issues have been resolved and that you will soon enjoying that much-deserved vacation!

Kind regards,

James Colligan

I purchased a 7 night Cancun package on Nov 3, 2018 I paid half down and was told I had until the end of Nov to pay the balance. I paid half the balance due on Nov 30 and the remaining amount due on Dec 1 I then looked at my bank account on Dec 3 and saw an additional charge of the last payment.

I called customer service immediately and was told that they would refund me the overcharge two days later I called again and was asked to send statements which I emailed twice and was told I would get a call back to resolve the overcharge. Never heard from anyone so I called back later that day and they asked for another email, and had no idea about the transactions on my account. I was hung up on twice, when I got thru again, I was told by the agent that she was processing my refund immediately and I would have an email confirmation . Next morning no email no refund so I called back, this time they said they refunded me back the wrong amount.

My overcharge plus the money I actually owed them. I demanded to speak to a supervisor who then asked me the amount that I was supposed to be refunded , shouldn’t that be in my account ? Why am I telling him the amount ??? I was furious .

He confirmed that the refund was wrong and I demanded to speak to the actual Finance department who should have this information and be able to help me. He said that they can only contact them via email???? Now I am being told I will get a call today, which hasn’t happened in 4 days since the over charger. A refund, which I am highly doubting!!!

then I get to call back and pay something I have already paid???? For the record I want to deal with giving my card info to this company again like *** in the head. I am just going to dispute it to my bank at this point. Every single person I have talked to has lied, doesn’t know what info they are giving me, and I am beyond frustrated that a simple problem can’t be figured out.

I am quite frankly sick of calling and being frustrated. A simple problem, easy solution, basic math and we can’t get it done I wouldn’t use book Vip again customer service is terrible !!!!

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