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Thank you for feedback. First, I want to apologize for the time delay in getting the special requests completed. However, it should be known that we were able to get you all the items requested 1) Crib 2)Early checkin 3)and to change your resort preview date/time. We had just asked that we had some time as we do not schedule the tour / times in dates. However, you decide to post this review before we had time to complete. That being said, I am glad we were able to get all your special requests for your vacation!
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No matter who I call or email or speak with, NO ONE is willing or able to assist me.

After booking, I realized our resort had three bedroom units, so I called to upgrade stating I'd pay whatever fee necessary. I was told this was impossible and they were unavailable. I explained that online, they are available; they had no reason for this...I called the Resort directly and was told they were indeed available. I called back Bookvip and was told they were unavailable. We are staying in a two bedroom despite our need for a three bedroom. For a company encouraging people to buy timeshares, you'd think they'd want you staying in whatever unit you'd be interested in?

Our flight lands at 1pm and I figure we'll be to the Resort by 230 at the latest; check-in is at 4. I am traveling with two children under the age of 3 and my elderly mother. I clearly need an early check-in, only a 90 minute early check-in, but because I booked through the Resort is unable to assist and Bookvip tells me they cannot help.

I need a crib, and Bookvip tells me I need to request this AT check-in and IF they're available, they're can I plan for this? My child NEEDS a crib!!! I call the Resort and am once again told that because I booked through Bookvip, they cannot help with reserving a crib. I am now paying $50 to check a pack-n-play, which my son does not sleep well in, in case a crib is not available.

I was asked at booking what date/time I'd like to tour the property and requested 5/17...I just received an email confirming 5/18...we have reservations all day at Disney on 5/18, so I email Bookvip advising of the incorrect date; they once again tell me they cannot help, that I need to handle this at check-in. I email back this is not acceptable and am given a phone number to call with an extension...I call and am told the extension does not exist and am connected to a toll free number for corporate booking who advises they can see my reservation, but can do nothing to assist me. I have emailed Bookvip back and have not yet heard.

The few hundred dollars saved by booking through Bookvip is NOT worth the hassles I have experienced. I would have preferred spend $1000 more and have the countless hours spent on the phone and emailing back. We leave for our trip in two weeks with no early check-in despite our earlier arrival, no idea if I'll have a crib, and an incorrect tour date with no concrete answer whether this can or will be allowed to be changed possibly ruining our entire day at Disney...or being charged full price and incurring fees for missing the tour. NOT WORTH THE DISCOUNT NO MATTER HOW NICE THE RESORT IS OR WHAT THE PACKAGE DEAL IS

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookvip Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Saying you lost $100000 discredits your review. Be a bit more honest and your review will be a bit more believable.