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Dear Marvin,

It appears that this review was submitted shortly before you were contacted by a manager and all issues were resolved.

Originally, the dates of your reservation at the Villa del Palmar became unavailable because the resort was unable to reach you to complete the welcome call in a timely manner.

When you agreed to change your resort to The Fives, we gave you a free night to spend at the resort. Unfortunately, the resort ran into an allotment issue and discovered that your requested dates were not available.

You were then contacted by a manager who offered the Ocean Riviera Paradise, which you accepted. We gave you the original number of nights (6), a partial refund of $189.40 and a $300 Hotel Savings Card for the inconvenience caused by your dates becoming unavailable at The Fives.

The reservation is now confirmed.

We are happy that you will soon be enjoying your much-deserved vacation!

Thank you.
Kind regards,
BookVIP Management Team
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My name is Marvin Bohannon. My Fiance Paige Catlett originally purchased an All-Inculsive trip with your company back on April 19th, 2021 to Villa del Palmar Cancun in Cancun, Mexico for the dates of 07/24/2021-07/30/2021 we even received a Itinerary# 569****.

Some how our trip was randomly cancelled by Book Vip and not the actual resort, because we call Villa del Palmar directly and they stated "the dates we requested was available but book vip choose to cancel us through book vip promotion reservations on their end". We kept getting the run around to pay our resort fees from Vir Manago Customer Care. Then your company Book Vip found us another resort to make up for the mistake/broken promise with the Villa del Palmar. Book Vip made us change the package to put under my name because I was older than Paige for the second resort with The Five Beach Hotel & Resistances, our Itinerary# 583****.

We was even given a extra night for the mishap, our new were dates 07/24/2021-07/31/2021. After a week & a couple days going back and front with Reservation Progress Meter contacting this number 1-87*-***-**** trying get my confirmation number and email, just to be told the dates we reserve and were promised all sudden was no longer available once again. Book Vip tried to put us in a low quality hotel with the same resort company. We chose not to spend our honeymoon there and demanded for Book Vip to find us a resort of the same quality of the original resort we booked.

Then the third misleading was being promise reservations at the Grand Sirenis and a phone call the next day to confirm. Never received a phone call, instead had to call myself just to find out we don't qualify for resort. Next we found another resort that's part of Villa del Palma same resort group. We was told to pay $61 to book reservations at Riviera.

We were willing to pay the difference only if we were given confirmation from the resort the day of because we are already paid $1,278 just to be lied to twice & received broken promises for dates we reserved but not honor.

This trip is for our honeymoon but its not looking like booking vip is going to hold up there end of the bargain. We will like a FULL REFUND soon as possible because we feel book vip will never give us the resort & dates(07/24/2021-07/31/2021) requested of our liking and we are tired speaking to multiple Book Vip representatives just to be lied too.

Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina

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