This was a bunch of bs and i was lied to from day one Bout everything and i will be seeking legal action for the initial lie that was told to me.

Along with consulting legal counsel i will be contacting the BBB as well. I asked about hidden fees and restrictions in mh initial conversation last year i was told the weren't any and that was a special rate not down payment so this was based upon a lie and i want what i was told i paid for now we have to go about it in a less civil way by mediation when all y'all had to do was honor the agreement which was given and paid for.

Futhermore, all of that not only shouldve been included in the initial conversation but in the email I received and it wasnt. Y'all need to STOP *** SCAMMING PEOPLE TO MEET A DAMN QUOTA!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookvip Vacation Package.

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