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Hi, I'm writing to you not because I have a complaint, but because thanks to this site and all the reviews I will never have a complaint, I was strongly thinking of booking a trip their your site but after reading all the issues and complaints people have made I won't make the same mistake. My biggest question is why does Robin still work for you???

She sounds like a complete waste of your money, her job is to make things right and to give the utmost customer service and from the things I have read, she has never made anyone's day.

You are always apologizing for your reps , fire them and hire friendly, knowledgeable people to represent your company. You are being viewed as scam artist by most of these reviews a lot of very unhappy clients. i'm sure you do a good amount of business and make a lot of money but I bet you'd sleep a lot better if you did the same thing in an honest friendly manner. Your employees reflect you and your company, sounds like you need to clean out your closets and get rid of the rude people you employ.

I'm also a business owner and I pride myself on customer service, I personally have nothing bad to say about your company or it's practices and sadly I never will even though I would qualify for most of your vacay deals, I can't bring myself to take a chance on a company with this many bad reviews.

I feel for the people who were treated poorly by your staff and to those who tried to go around the rules well they reap what they sow and I don't feel bad for them trying to scam you or the resorts, there will always be someone who tries don't mean they should be treated poorly.

If you take away nothing from my comments please get rid of Robin her name was mentioned numerous times and not one person had anything good to say about her. She sounds like a real gem(insert sarcasm) good day Happy

Reason of review: i have no complaints.

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