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Dear Lorna,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. BookVIP will send over 500,000 customers on our promotional packages worldwide this year. We are the leading provider of promotional packages in the world.

Our special promotional packages are sponsored by the resorts and the rooms are discounted up to 77% from the retail rate because the resort is subsidizing the room in exchange for your time during the resort preview.

In the case of your reservation, the allotment of special promotional packages at the Berkley Las Vegas was exceeded so we upgraded you to their sister resort the Grandview which is actually ranked much higher on Trip Advisor #147 vs #49 for no additional cost. Had you not agreed to the upgraded resort change, you would have received a FULL refund.

I am very proud in the fact BookVIP is the leading provider of promotional packages, and has more video testimonials from happy customers than any other travel website in the world!
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If it looks too GOOD to be true, it usually is! If it looks too GOOD to be true, it usually is!

Go with your gut instinct. Consumer BEWARE! DO NOT PURCHASE ONE OF THESE VACATION DEALS! If you do you, Purchase at your own risk!

There is a slight 7.8% chance you’ll be one of the lucky consumers who actually gets a good vacation deal with minimal inconveniences. To the other 92.2% take decisive action to help ensure other consumers are not “snared into” this well-organized and sophisticated unethical business operation. Consumer Narrative So, it happens that you come across advertisement for a GREAT vacation deal (4 Days and 3 nights) to some beautiful Resort USA or International, right? Step #1- “Their Business Operation- “They are good…… they are really Good!” You specifically request certain dates, then check to see if those dates are available; and (oh yeah), they just happen to be available.

Note, their reservation system will not allow you to book dates which aren’t available. You set your expected dates, and here comes: SNARE #1 (What happens next-their reoccurring theme with most consumers!) Consumer Beware! You get an URGENT email where Book VIP tells you to call back into their Reservation Center. On the other end of the line is their well-trained BookVIP representative who reads their script to you; the just of the script is; the resort you booked is ALL filled up, and they must place you at another resort.

You tell them that that’s not possible, because the reservation system on-line will not let me book dates which aren’t available. Does this sound familiar to your experience too? Do Not Take: Snare #2- To re-book your reservation to another location, you didn’t want in the first place. Do Not Take: Snare #3- Actual attempt to go to the vacation destination you never wanted to book, but felt you had no other alternative left, with their NO REFUND policy.

The Definition of a Scam is: 1. A Fraudulent or Deceptive Act or Operation 2. Deceive, Defraud 3. To obtain (as money) by a scam If you find yourself a victim of this sophisticated business operation.

Here are a couple things you can do. You can try to prevent this from happening to other unsuspecting consumers. I mean, “you knew” this sounded a little too good to be true (right), yeah OK, BUT Nobody expected to premeditatedly be ripped off by a scam business operation! What we can do!

#1 Go to this website and file your complaint. Here are some statistics for this website. There were as of November 2014, 10,983 views. I’m sure that number has increased since April 2017.

Best case scenario is 1,000’s of consumers might get a “heads up” before dealing with this company. There is only “1 good thing” going for the website(, and that is a lot of consumers read the reviews placed at the website. So, let’s get the word out about this unethical company. Here are MORE statistics for Issues Resolved: 5 Company Responses: 176 Consumer Complaints: 254 Customer Testimonials: 77 In Reference to: Company Responses (176): Most of the company responses are solely from some “real live animated character”,, that states he is the Owner.

He makes “No Apologies” for the company’s many different methods of unethical operations. He thinks he is somehow doing the unsuspecting consumers a favor when he reads and responds to the many horror stories as consumers write in and voice their complaints. His attitude resonates with yeah, so you got ripped off (prove it), what are you complaining about. You got your vacation!

There were (77) customer testimonials, out of (254) Consumer Complaints-(Consumer Complaints that we KNOW of any way!). The issues resolved with this company were (5). The main thing to note here I, “a lot of consumers read the complaints”! It will help to get the word out about the company’s unethical practices.

#2 Leave a complaint here too as well: ABC News: Brian Ross: Scams, Schemes and Gimmicks Investigative Team Do You Have a Lead for the Brian Ross Investigative Unit? If enough people voice their concern over the bad ethics of this business operation ( more consumers will BEWARE of this company and avoid the horrible snare, “That leaves a bad taste in your mouth for months”, after transacting any type of business with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookvip Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I didn't like: Dishonesty.

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