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Dear Jennifer,

We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns..

After you called in to book dates and completed the booking process (including accepting the package by agreeing to the Reservation Details governing the promotion with your electronic signature), you were charged for your vacation package. The monies you paid were never a deposit. You may want to check your records, since you purchased your package with a VISA card – not a Discover card. Additionally, the resort you booked does accept Discover cards so there will be no issues at the resort- should you decide to continue with your reservation which is still not cancelled.

Also, the resort you chose accepts married couples and cohabitating couples and proof of same is required, as clearly stated on the Reservation Details. You booked your package as a “married” couple and called to cancel your vacation in light of a pending “divorce.”

The supervisor you spoke with graciously offered you a 6-month extension to use the package since it is Final and Non-Refundable due to the fact that you declined to purchase the Trip Guard Insurance when you agreed to and accepted the vacation package.

All of our special promotional packages are sponsored by the resort in exchange for meeting the resort’s eligibility requirements and your time during the resort preview.

The reason why we have over 3.6 Million Facebook Likes, more customer video reviews and sent over 100,000 thousands of people on vacation this year alone is because we are the worldwide leader in promotional packages - that's our specialty. If you meet the resort's requirements and agree to attend the resort preview, you will receive the promotional rate.

The only issues we have is when customers tried to circumvent the resort's requirements.

James Colligan
Resort Vacations International/

This company has consistently used fraudulent business practices and has my deposit of over 737.90 dollars they will not refund.I am contacting the us district attorney today. I have tried to resolve this with numerous phone calls and have hired a lawyer to sue them.

They told me to have a major credit card to qualify for this "deal" I paid with a discover, just to let you know they do not take this card so I am not sure why they did. I have contacted the supervisor for cancellation. She simply told me "no refund", but offered to keep the deal open for 2 years. They also at first told me that I and my companion must be married with the license showing the same address.

This is so flaky, but they didn't tell be this until they had my money. I am so mad for being taken in by these scam artists Reason of review: pure fraud from the word go.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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