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First off, we booked our resort six months before. Not going to lie, I’ve read so many reviews; especially negative ones, and scared myself to the MAX!!!

Then June comes, it was our time to go enjoy our family vacation. Then the unexpected things happened. Our baby started getting rashes, then the plane got delayed. So, we took a chance anyways and if was planning to call it quit if the baby couldn’t take it anymore ( it was not that bad) until...

the plane got delayed, they boarded everyone on the plane. We sat there for a good 30 minutes, and we couldn’t get off. Then after 30 minutes they told us to get off the plane and there’s no way we were gonna make it to Cancun. We got a new flight tickets (which we should’ve) to fly the next day, but we didn’t want to risk going while the baby was still recovering from his rashes.

I took a chance calling BookVip, even though I thought I would lost the package already... so the next day we were supposed to go again, I decided to call them ( I didn’t ask for her name, my mistake) she apologized of all that had happened to us, and offered to give us an open dated of 12 months for us to book whenever we are ready!!! We were sooo happy. So we thought we had a second chance to book our vacation again, because I’d like for it to happen again this year; since we take our family every year.

At least once a year! I decided to call bookVip again and made a reservation for August. Since July was booked! I can tell you that the booking process took quite a long time and I had to make lots and lots of phone calls, and I mean LOTS!

Even after I received the confirmation number from the resort I was still unsure if it was a scam... I was so paranoid lol. I just wanted my family to have a wonderful vacation. I’m sure they got sick of me lol, but if that’s what it takes for my family to have a great vacation; then I’d do it!

Since my husband and I don’t have matching IDs/states; we had to bring our marriage certificate to prove that we are married. They did tell me that I could bring a copy, but I didn’t care I brought the original one; just in case!! Yeah I was that bad lol. So when it was time for us to go on our vacation, the back of my head was unsure about so many things that could go wrong when we get there...

Anyways, we arrived in Cancun. We didn’t have to wait long at all for our ride. They were there waiting for us, there was another family that were in a shuttle with us too. When we got to the resort, we were greeted and they gave us some drinks and some damp towels; since it was so hot (again didn’t ask for their names).

We checked in at the front desk, then went to our concierge her name was Carla ( I know for once I didn’t forget) she was sooooo nice and also offered us two other restaurants that were not included in our package that was all inclusive. She also gave us room service; which was so convenient, because we did ordered room services everyday while we were there. I should’ve asked her for WiFi, but I thought she gave us a lot already and I didn’t want to be so greedy lol. She also asked if we’re celebrating anything special.

I told her it was supposed to be our anniversary in June! On the second or third day, I’m not sure. she was supposed to surprise us with the cake but we happened to be in the room so we broke the surprise. We thought that was so sweet of Carla.

Oh, and the cake was delicious!!!!! Oh also forgot to mention the room, we knew that we didn’t get ocean front, but when we got into our room we were so blown away. Omg talk about Space!!! We had a one bedroom suite room, the balcony with a hammock and it was somewhat ocean view!

The view we got from our room was definitely beautiful!! My husband loved the architectures of the resort. They always keep it clean and we don’t know how they do thaT!!! Overall we had one memorable family vacation, everything turned out so perfect, the resort, the room and everything was so perfect!

Thank you so much BookVip. I’m not sure if this trip would had happened if I have booked it somewhere else since I didn’t purchased any trip insurance; we would’ve lost it all and I would’ve a mental break down for a while. Thank you again BookVip for making our family vacation a perfectly memorable one. I also have a 3 free Westgate at Orlando/las Vegas that came with our Cancun package that I supposed to call when we get back For those of you who are saying is a scam.

It is not, you really just have to follow the rules.

Read the terms& conditions carefully to see if you qualified, because it is pretty LEGIT! Love

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookvip Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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