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Thank you for your feedback. We are the largest provider of discounted promotional packages. We send over 300,000 packages per year and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The packages are 70% off the retail value because the resorts are sponsoring the special promotion and paying for the discounted room in exchange for your time during the resort preview. The resort verifies that each reservation complies with the terms & conditions they set forth. Most issues occur when the resort discovers the terms & conditions are being circumvented.

Here is a link with real customer videos reviewing their vacation at the resorts As an owner, I back our discounted vacation packages 100% as it provides many families a once in a lifetime vacation they otherwise might not be able to easily afford. As a rapidly growing company we are not always perfect, however, please contact me with any issue so I can have it resolved. I can be reached direct at or call customer service 24/7 at 888 845 0602.
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Glad I decided to research them before I dealt with them. I got an online price for a 4 day 3 night vacation to Myrtle Beach but the site would only allow me to schedule 3 days instead of 4 for the dates I requested for $59.

I still thought it was a bang of a deal and so I went to enter my CC information and noticed that the whole website was not secure (no https) And nothing to show that it was secure other than a few typed words under where you enter your CC info telling you it IS secure. So I entered four of my CC numbers and saw that my numbers were not changing into a coded format. So I stopped and called them and was told by some woman who did not speak English well that the trip for the days I wanted would be $299. I told her that I am confirming the reservation with my CC info because I did not feel comfortable doing it online and the price I was given was $59 (it was some end of the year deal).

Because I insisted on the $59 price she hung up on me.

SO I called back and got another non English speaking male who told me the online information was incorrect...even though it had the days I requested. I made up an excuse to get off the phone and that is when I did the research on the company...and read all you lovely folks comments...LMBO...#GLADIDID

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Reason of review: ALL OF THE ABOVE!!.

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Thank you for your feedback and our site is completely secure. Please contact me as I would like to know when you booked for Myrtle Beach as the rate is $59 in the off season, however in the Summer there is premium as the room nights are $300 plus a night.

We are the largest travel promotions company online and send over 50,000 customers per year and have an A rating with Better Business Bureau

Additionally you can view real customer videos on their actual vacations

As an owner of the company we always looking to improve and you can contact me directly Thank you