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Our special promotional packages are sponsored by the resorts and the rooms are discounted up to 77% because the resort is subsidizing the room in exchange for your time during the resort preview. It is the resort’s prerogative to schedule the presentations at their discretion.

As the booking company, BookVIP’s website advertises the rooms as advised by the participating resort partner. Although our website does state that your room would include a balcony, nowhere is a Jacuzzi mentioned. We will take up the discrepancy with the resort partner and do regret that your room did not have a balcony. Any requests for upgraded rooms must be addressed directly with the resort upon check-in.

Customer satisfaction is the mainstay of BookVIP’s business and the issues you encountered with the BookVIP Customer Service representative are being investigated and will be dealt with appropriately.

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We booked our package at $159. It was advertised a room with a jacuzzi.

I always cross my T's and dot my I's so I confirmed it twice and was told I was to get a room with a jacuzzi and balcony. Then I get a phone call back and they told me I had to pay $39 in taxes!!! I payed them. Three days later I get another charge for taxes, called to dispute it and it took over 12 days to get my $ back.

I asked if there were any catches because of the price, they said NO! I asked if I had to do a time share and was told no we just hope that you like our property while you are here and decide to purchase a vacation share and tell your friends, we're not time share! Then I get a letter stating if I don't do a 90 minute presentation I lose my money and I have to pay over $700!!! I call and they tell me I misunderstood the first person I spoke to!

I agreed to do timeshare. I told them it needs to be in afternoon because I am going to a party the evening before! Day of vacation I have to go to a welcome center, they tell me, I have to go to an 8:30 am showing-I told them no and they said they would cancel the package and I would owe $790! I said no, we are going in the afternoon!

She said why would you want to miss the Super Bowl? Well, the showin is at 1:30, super bowl is at 8 and presentation is 90 minutes.We agree to 1:30 and they send us 15 minutes away with the most confusing directions, took us an hour! They give us a mildew smelling crack shack room with no balcony and no jacuzzi. I call downstairs to a manager Shakir and she said that's what bookvip booked us in and told us to call them.

I call bookvip and they tell me this resort only has these rooms!! I said I asked to upgrade to a bigger room and you told me they only had one type of room, they are thelling me they have 2-3 bedrooms with jacuzzis! JP told me he was putting me on hold to call and speak to Shakir. I'm on the other phone with my husband who is on the phone with Shakir (on speaker) and I'm on the phone with JPnon speaker.

JP gets back and lies to me telling me he spoke to Shakir and they are going to fix the problem! Shakir is saying sir, I am Shakir--you did not speak me! So I say to him your lying to me telling me you spoke to her when you didn't and he said No you misunderstood , I'm having my manager call her and call you back. They are going to fix the problem.

Hung up. Shakir got so mad, they upgraded but when I got here I had to pay taxes again!!! When they upgraded, I had to pay taxes in upgrade. A manager from bookvip never called back.

20 hrs later I called back and got JP again and he offered me 3 free nights anywhere in us. I said I just want the tax money and what I laid out--NOPE! Asked for a mgr to call me back, he offered me nothing, not even an apology.

Told me they don't advertise those rooms. See pictures advertised

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookvip Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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