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Ms. Guenther,

Thank you for your valuable feedback as we take customer issues very seriously. I pride myself in BookVip offering the most discounted vacation packages and having an A+ rating Better Business Bureau for our customer service. The reason we can offer packages 70% off the retail rates is because the resorts subsidize the cost of these discounted vacations in exchange for your time during the resort preview. You booked a reservation on 10/21/14 for the Occidental Grand Xcaret for 12/11/14. The resort verifies each reservation before issuing a final confirmation number as the resort is paying the cost of the discounted vacation. We state on our travel receipt email the resort’s take approximately 3 to 7 business days to process your final confirmation as the need verify the terms and conditions they are set forth are not being circumvented. However, you decided to cancel on 10/23/14 and were never charged.
We will send over 300,000 families on dreams vacations alone this year! We have more actual customer video reviews than any other travel site. As a rapidly growing company we are not always perfect, however, I can be contacted directly at to resolve any issue or you can our call customer service call customer service 24/7 at 888 845 0602. Thank you
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I thought - Yeah! I'll listen to a 90 minute time share presentation and endure extremely high pressure sales to take my family to a beautiful all-inclusive in Cancun for $400 - no problem!!

I even thought I would book in a couple of extra nights full price.

When I went to make my reservation, I had already spent much time researching the resorts I was interested and narrowed it down to the perfect one for my family. I had talked to the book vip people 3 times to make sure that the dates my travel agent had given me for flights matched up with availability at the resort. .....Looking back now, I can see that the book vip people never told me any date was full, in fact they readily - without even looking it up it seems to me now, agreed to whatever dates I mentioned.

For the extra nights at the resort, booking them with vip would have cost me $300 extra per night. I thought that was high so I checked with the resort itself and it was $200/night. Book vip tried very hard to still get me to book the extra nights with them and took $ off but duhh!

At this point, I've booked my flights, booked 2 extra nights with the resort and went to book my 4 nights with book vip. First off they asked for my credit card # 3 times!! Which made me uncomfortable but I still went forward with the vacation for my 2 boys in mind. During the booking process, I was rushed through clicking "I agree" on a form of terms. Also was told at that time that there was an extra $20/night charge for processing ....still a great deal I thought.

About 2 or 3hrs later (and I am grateful it wasn't even longer than that as some people's experience has been closer to travel time,) I got a phone call from my booking agent with book vip, saying she was sorry but the dates I requested are not available and she had another resort that I could go to.

I was immediately refusing this "offer"; I had planned everything around this resort and had made triple sure that we would be able to stay there, - there was no way that I was willing to change it now. I insisted to speak with a manager and I was told that she would take it to the manager the following day and that I would be called back.

No call

So I called and no answer, I was put through to a customer satisfaction survey - twice.

....Then things started to make sense, I looked at my reservation confirmation and it does not mention the name of the resort, only that I agreed to have book vip book my vacation accommodations. They had my credit card info, a "signed" agreement from me and they could now make me stay in another cheaper place of their choosing, - one in which there is a bigger push to sell time shares at.

Now it made sense when I called, why the voice recording cautions you that resort you would like to stay at may be full.

In all the calls I made to book vip, I was put on hold once for 30 min (no one ever answered), told twice that a manager would call me back but NEVER did - until I finally cancelled my reservation completely.

You have 48 or 72hrs to cancel your reservation, and they are trying to stall until they bill your credit card.

I wrote them twice threatening legal action if my credit card was billed and in the end, I decided to just order a new card.

Once a manager called me back, she assured me that the dates I requested at the resort of my choosing were in fact available and she didn't understand what the agent I had spoken to was saying. I told her that I was cancelling because as I figured out, after allll of this time and energy spent dealing with book vip, I am better off paying the little bit of extra $$ (worked out to $400 at the resort I wanted to stay at) than deal with anything book vip could possibly have to offer me!

Oh and I want to also mention, that the resort themselves had never heard of book vip!

Also, I have been getting constant spam since they got my email address. I phoned today to ask to have my email taken off of their list and to tell them that they do not have my permission to sell my address. The rep replied - ok, we'll remove it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookvip Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: just to warn others.

I liked: Agent was friendly.

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Thank you for the review (every one of them by others as well)

I feel there is too much continuity here for these experiences to be user error, people misinformed etc.

I am thankful to read these this morning, disappointed as well that this is happening.

I entered an online contest for a chance to win a family vacation. I was surprised this morning to find a message saying I was one of the winners. Disappointed, it looks like I and my kids are not, in actuality.

Thanks so much for the review, as I will not be making that phone call to claim the 5 nights in Cancun, at a resort of my choice, having 18 months to book.

to Anonymous Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #966614

Just heard I'm a "winner" too, a day after entering the contest — I've won things before and it's a certified letter and real phone call, not a sketch-looking generic email…. Seems best not to call the claim phone number.


Does anyone know the physical mailing address to bookvip? I'm having my attorney serve them legal papers to get a refund and need to know where to send it.

This company is TERRIBLE!!!!


to Unhappy Cali Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #910215

Got it from their webpage.

Company Address

12345 W Dixie Hwy,

North Miami, FL 33161

Hemet, California, United States #905659

Unfortunately I was unable to pull out in the nick of time. they stalled me off and switched me around and finally booked me in a dump.

Got my money and refused to cancel the unacceptable accommodations. I booked with Expedia and will contest the charges VIP SUCKS SCAM

Houston, Texas, United States #900564

Thank you for the review. I will definitely NOT be using this company. They sound shady...

Miami, Florida, United States #894685

Hello Anonymous,

I am very sorry to hear about your booking experience has the definitely close to our high standards as we are the largest provider of discounted resort promotional packages. We book over 50,000 vacation packages a year and have an "A-" rating with Better Business Bureau

Please contact me directly as we are always looking to improve. Thank you

to BookVipOwner1 West Orange, New Jersey, United States #915290


Your days are numbered you crooked ***. Your whole company is crooks, scammers and false advertising in every sense of the term.

You will in fact be getting a class action lawsuit in addition to individual lawsuits. See folks, there are no owners that actually respond, these are automated or 3rd party damage control company putting this *** online. I book my VIP Vacation 2 months ago, today I get a call that the hotel cancelled and I would be getting moved. NO *** less than a month away from my family vacation and this *** is happening.

Oh the hotels on the BookVIP website, dont have any part of BOOKVIP, they use them to lure you in as bait, then you book, then they wait until they know you have all your plans, tickets, ect. and then BAM-------------they pull the switch and know your stuck and out of money and a vacation.!!!!!!!!

to BookVipOwner1 Natick, Massachusetts, United States #939663

I booked and I better not have this happen you myself and husband, my husbands dad is a lawyer and we will start a class action suit" so I'm not as worried as these other folks but ,I should have known to read reviews before I booked with just a heads up, if I'm charged one doller more from what your site says, you will be sued ....