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Thank you for your feedback. The Terms & Conditions page of each our special hotel offers is located at the bottom of the web page which outline all the qualifications. All of our promotional packages are sponsored by the resort. The resort sets forth the terms & conditions of the offer as they are subsidizing the cost of the room in exchange for your time during the resort preview. I understand your frustration as many people want to take advantage of the special promotion, however, all of your comments are completely untrue. The vacation packages are 70% of the retail and the tax paid is based on the retail value. On average each customer save over $1000 on our vacation packages. I pride myself in BookVip offering the most discounted vacation packages and having an A+ rating Better Business Bureau for our customer service. We wish you a wonderful vacation!
We will send over 300,000 families on dreams vacations alone this year! We have more actual customer video reviews than any other travel site. As a rapidly growing company we are not always perfect, however, I can be contacted directly to resolve any issue or you can our call customer service call customer service 24/7 at 888 845 0602. Thank you
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FRAUDULENT. I booked and paid for a trip to Turks and Caicos, as well as paid for my flight which was just over $700. When I called to confirm the reservation, as the screen asked me to do so AFTER I paid, input all of my private information and gave them my credit card, I was asked arbitrary and discriminatory questions.

I spoke to two different customer service representatives. One was Denise and the other hung up on me when I asked for her name...

The hotel they are offering this deal to is One on Marlin. This is the only hotel I've encountered which doesn't have a concierge who answers the phone.

After you provide with your address, personal information and credit card, you have 15 minutes to call and confirm your reservation.

They ask arbitrary questions such as "are you married?" "Are you seeing anyone?" "Do you have proof of cohabitation?". When I told them that these questions seem odd, each representative gave me a different answer. The first representative told me I had to wait 2 weeks but then let me sign up for NEXT week. The other representative put me on hold while she contacted whoever it is they contact (when I asked for a name she told me it was her calendar - who calls and contacts a calendar?)

Despite the fact that I paid, I was told I didn't meet their qualifications by the first representative - who by the way nearly ripped me off. For the record, the "promotion I purchased was for $149.00. This is how the conversation with representative one went:

Rep 1: Your total after tax is $264.48

Me: how much?

Rep 1: $264.48

Me: what? That's nearly a 50% tax.

Rep 1: sorry, my mistake, it's $230

Me: What percentage is the tax

Rep 1: oh sorry (again!!) your total is $172.84

Then she went into ridiculous questions about my marital status. I'm in my 30's, paid the promotion as advertised. I asked her for her name. She hung up on me.

So I call back. I'm put on hold once again while she checks if the dates I chose were still available (apparently the 'two week waiting period were not in her handbook'). She was kinder than rep one. She gave me her name - Denise and her supervisor is Lex. Ida is the night supervisor this evening. Ida is conveniently in a meeting at the moment.

BOOKVIP IS A SCAM. STAY AWAY. Reporting this to the BB

Screenshot of their "promotion" is attached. No mention of needing to be married. Unethical firm and should be shut down for discriminatory and fraudulent practices.

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