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We appreciate that you took the time to share your experience with us and are sorry you were unable to find us on the Better Business Bureau website.
We are listed under BookVIP and our parent company, Resort Vacations International. Any search for BookVIP or will bring up the following:

Please note that prior to selecting any particular resort, prospective guests may view all restrictions, qualifications, etc., which may be required by any particular resort, by referring to the Terms and Conditions. The link to the Terms and Conditions governing every vacation package can be found at the bottom of each hotel offering page (the usual location used by most websites worldwide to disclose any terms and conditions which may apply to use of the website or offer).

Each of the Terms and Conditions, are also disclosed over the phone before any transaction is completed and each customer would need to agree in writing to these Terms and Conditions prior to any billing.

BookVIP has thousands of happy travelers every week, and has more video testimonials from happy customers than any other travel website in the world. Please refer to
James Colligan
Owner / Resort Vacations International
407 394 6675
Brunswick, Ohio
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Product or Service Quality

False advertising. They are NOT BBB accredited.

Couldn't even find the company on BBB website. In a response on this site to an upset costumer they states all information and restrictions are available before booking. Maybe after you submit your credit card info but I couldn't find any restrictions before entering credit card info.

I'm reporting them for false advertising since they are not BBB accredited and claim they are. Please join me.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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