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Dear John,

The vacation packages offered by BookVIP are amazingly affordable because the resort partner is subsidizing the cost in exchange for your their time during the resort preview.

Due to the limited number of packages available, the resort partners (not BookVIP) set forth certain eligibility requirements to ensure that the packages are enjoyed by the guests for whom they are designed. As the booking company, BookVIP must ensure that all guests are eligible for the promotional packages before reservations are made and sent to the participating resort provider.

The Terms and Conditions governing every vacation package can be found at the bottom of each hotel offering page (the usual location used by most websites worldwide to disclose any terms and conditions which may apply to use of the website or offer) and are printed in a normal font.

BookVIP has thousands of happy travelers every week, and has more video testimonials from happy customers than any other travel website in the world. Please refer to

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I was trying to book a vacation and after putting all my info and paid I needed to call to confirm a reservation so I called in and I was told I have to attend a 90 presentation for timeshare which was ok for me but then since I don't make more than xK a year as a combined income they cancelled my vacation. That's how bad they are .

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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