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Dear Eduardo,

We appreciate all feedback.

Our special promotional packages are sponsored by the participating resort provider who is paying the 77% discount on your behalf in exchange for your time during the resort preview. There are no “bait-and-switch” tactics involved.

The presentation and all qualifications (as well as any additional resort fees, taxes, and/or deposits) are clearly stated on the Terms and Conditions governing each vacation package.

The Terms and Conditions are located on the website at the bottom of each resort offering page and are reviewed with the customer during the sales call.

The customer must agree to the Terms and Conditions via electronic signature before any reservation is final and the travel dates sent to the resort.

BookVIP has thousands of happy travelers every week, and has more video testimonials from happy customers than any other travel website in the world!

James Colligan
Owner / Resort Vacations International
Frisco, Texas

This online travel agency fails to disclose the requirement to attend a 90 minutes presentation. It also does not disclose upfront the daily resort fee per person.

These bait and switch tactics increase the original quoted rates.

Book your travel elsewhere. Travelocity is a better choice.

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