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Dear Melissa,

We are happy that our General Manager immediately responded to your review and, after a pleasant conversation, a mutually acceptable resolution was reached and you agreed to update your posting.

We appreciate your feedback and we will be sure to address the issues you brought to our attention with our resort partner. Due to the off-season the resort has 16 restaurants with 5 of them being snack bars.

We deeply value our relationship with each BookVIP customer and we are committed to providing them with the highest level of service simply because our customers deserve the very best.

James Colligan
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Update by user Sep 18

Update: Book VIP contacted within hours of this post and has rectified this situation.

Original review posted by user Sep 18

Totally ripped off and off course no supervisor has yet to call 2 days after my complaint, so I guess I am stuck 1000’s of miles from home at a *** hotel.

I booked at Grand Oasis Cancun for the upgraded 6 days, 7 nights. The 18 restaurants on the website don’t all even exist. The food at the few locations we had was terrible. We got a bit sick one of the days. There is 1 place for breakfast with dried up stuffed “meat”-lord knows what-that is only put out on certain days. There is an omelet bar.

Even the steakhouse was just plain Jane. Really terrible, cold food. Most places the food sits out and for hours. Pretty gross. I know, I am an American, what right do I have to adhere to basic food standards/temps for healthy food?

We started venturing out to other hotels and buying food. I even went as far as walking to 7-11 down the street and buy peanut butter and bread.

All inclusive domestic and international—-lies. *** heartburn Mexican domestic liquor and ONLY Dox Equis for beer. No joke. These are the only options. Everything else is costing more to the employees pockets, in the 2 bars I have found anything other than crap Mexican domestic.

The young crowd was more like 16-18. Not too many ppl in 20s-30s, except families with kids. And mostly loud, obnoxious native 16-18 year olds at that.

The entertainment-so lacking. Well, yea, they serve crap liquor. Everything is pretty dead. You can usually find one bar hopping a night among many. But that’s about it. There are performances, but nothing worth staying at this hotel over when everything else is so wrong.

The rooms are small. Nice ocean view but yet far. The walls-somewhat can hear through. Front door, for sure. Loud kids across the way and I have heard them for days. The water in the shower area reeks. The elevators are disgusting. They wash them in middle of day, not after everyone is done swimming.

Oh..good luck swimming at night. No lights in the unfiltered pool water. And no beach service or even pool side service. And the campus! Be prepared to be walking A LOT.

Book VIP tried to give me some lame reasoning that because I am in the hotel they prob can’t do anything. Cuz I guess I should be psychic before I fly 1000s of miles that they are about to rip me off. They say the hotel is responsible for telling them correct info for the website. But the 6 (YES SIX) hour presentation I was forced to endure for this crap hole was actually kind to let me know the drill. This has not been a 4 star hotel in over 4 years. I buy this package, the timeshare place also pays a hefty dime for my package. Book VIP makes a deal with the hotel and pays, and pockets a lot of cash. So no matter the thought that the hotel lied to them, my contract with them, though “final” was also contingent on selling me something that doesn’t truly exist. Lies about hotel quality, entertainment, food, and drinks.

Spoke to a supervisor of the hotel. They admitted I only get 16 restaurants, though a handful aren’t really restaurants but “snack foods”. The map given upon arrival shows 11 restaurants. They also haven’t updated their tv channel to reflect all the closed restaurants. They probably aren’t giving VIP all correct info, but that’s not my issue. My issue is that this company sold me a package that was not what I agreed to on purchase. And I am even more mad that no one will call me back.

Bookvip Cons: Any of it.

  • failure to reimburse
  • Fraudulent offers
  • misrepresented service offering
  • Theft
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