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Dear Shirley,

We were surprised to see your review, given the fact that your first review (#803798) was previously addressed.

Indeed, your reservation was cancelled and you were immediately refunded in full (on a Friday, as you mentioned). However, you called back and reinstated your reservation only hours later.

You were not charged a second time, because the representative wanted to confirm with the resort that your reservation would be honored to be reinstated before doing so. The resort reservation department is closed on weekends and you called to cancel your reservation again on the following Monday – because you do not have proper proof of cohabitation.

Please be reminded that it is the participating resort provider – not BookVIP – who sets forth the eligibility requirements for the promotional packages, for which they are paying up to 77% of the retail price.

Your reservation was booked under a “cohabitating” status – and as stated in the Terms and Conditions governing the vacation package, the resort requires proof of same, such as government-issued photo i.d.’s with matching addresses and/or a lease agreement.

Being the “sole homeowner” does not preclude you from providing your partner with a lease agreement.

However, as you were advised 3 days prior to filing your first review, the resort made an exception in your case and agreed to accept a utility bill (and your i.d.’s with matching addresses) as proof of cohabitation – neither BookVIP nor the resort ever received copies of these documents.

The Terms and Conditions governing every promotional package are located at the bottom of each resort offering page and are easy to read and understand. In addition, the Terms and Conditions are reviewed with the customer during every sales call, and must be agreed to in writing by every customer in order to finalize the reservation and have dates sent to the participating resort provider.

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After constant problems with BookVIP (I'm responding to my last complaint on March 05, 2016), I finally was refunded a full refund because BookVIP wanted a proof of ID of living common-law, which we did have driver's license with matching addresses, but the house is under MY name because I owned it before my boyfriend moved in with me. In no way, shape, or form was I going to put any part of my house under his name. All the utility bills were under my name because I'm the sole owner of the house. The only other mail that came under his name were bank statements (which were not good enough) and government letters (which also weren't good enough).

When talking to BookVIP on the phone I was told driver's licenses were good enough. When they asked for proof, they put in the email they wanted two pieces of proof such as a driver's license AND and utility bill which I already explained to them that I was the sole home owner. When I called them back they again said just a driver's license. I emailed them copies of the driver's licenses then again they called asking for a utility bill, which again I explained I was the SOLE HOMEOWNER. Three weeks before I was to leave, and still it wasn't straightened out.

This was all on a Friday, I was told I'd have an answer for the Saturday and I said I needed an answer because if not I'd have to cancel as I couldn't leave my work up in the air. Saturday rolled around, didn't hear anything. Had a very hard time getting through to BookVIP. Finally the Sunday, they said they'd have an answer for the Monday, I told them to forget it and I just wanted a refund.

After much headaches, I finally got a full refund. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone as nothing is clear, and it being a timeshare thing they are not upfront about it, which is completely wrong.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Constant holds, Will not reply in writing, Liers.

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