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Dear Erica,

We regret that you encountered such a stressful situation, especially since it could have been avoided, had you complied with the Terms and Conditions which you agreed to (in writing and by voice-recording) when you booked your vacation.

Indeed, you confirmed on a recorded telephone call that you were aware of the presentation and the sales representative reviewed each portion of the Terms and Conditions with you.

The sales representative advised you of the total price of the package and that we accept MasterCard or Visa. You choose to pay for your package with you Aunt’s credit card (MasterCard) and then clearly told the sales representative that you have your own American Express card but did not want to incur the fee required to book your vacation with an American Express card.

In addition, it is clearly stated (in capital letters), on both your receipt and on the Terms and Conditions that guests without a valid credit card will not be allowed to check in to the resort upon arrival – as well as the resort’s definition of what a major credit card is – “one (1) personalized valid major credit card: VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS are accepted (debit cards, check cards, company/corporate cards or Discover cards are NOT accepted). Customer must have at least $2,000 USD available on credit card.”

That being said, you received the resort’s confirmation of your reservation 13 days after booking, which was approximately 1-1/2 months before your check-in date.

Our special promotional packages are sponsored by the resorts and the rooms are discounted up to 77% because the resort is subsidizing the room. The resort sets forth certain eligibility requirements for these packages.

All qualifications, resort fees, taxes, deposits and penalties for any particular property are clearly stated on the Terms and Conditions governing each vacation package, which are located on the bottom of every resort offering page on our website, and are reviewed with the customer during the sales call. The customer must accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions via electronic signature before any reservation is final and the travel dates sent to the resort.

Neither BookVIP nor the resort could have known that you did not have a major credit card.

We send over 100,000 people on vacation per year and have more customer video reviews than any other travel site:

James Colligan
Resort Vacations International/
Newark, New Jersey
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With this travel agency we had the worst experience ever, they put a lot of conditions for you to travel and while you buy they never tell you all of them , they say you have 8 days to cancel but the trick is that they send you the hotel confirmation like a month after and there is when they send you the terms and conditions.

We when in march 2016 to the Sandos Playa car hotel with BookVIP we got there like at 4 pm. My 1 year old baby was tired and hunger and crying because we were up since 3 am flying from Newark Nj.

so we were to make the check in and they asked me for the credit card because we were asked to put 1.500.00 USD to attend the time share presentation >>>> why i don't know if what they do is that if you don't buy the keep your money or why do they need it for .....

so my husband gived the lady his card that was a credit or debit card.

and they didn't accepted because they wanted just a major credit card.

so we said ok can we give the money cash ??? noooo ..... can we give an other persons credit card ??? noooo ... so then receive this card the money is there .....NOOOO .. the last thing for that day after 2 hours at the phone with bookvip they said they will call us early in the morning the next day to see if they were to do any thing fo us. while all this my baby was crying of hunger and tired around 3 hours there at the lobby because no body gived me any solution.or at least a room so the baby can rest while we find any agreement.

so then a guy Carlos from the Hotel talked to us and we asked for a room at least for that night he said yes but you will have to pay for it ..

so we took it and the next day i had to call like around 1 pm to bookvip because no body ever called me from the agency like they said they would so i called Bookvip again to see if they where going to give us any solutions ..

so again i said listen I'm far away with my family we paid 1.500.00 usd for this trip what can we do . the response was ......

if you don't have a mayor credit card you can't stay at the hotel !!!!!!!!


Reason of review: stole my money .

Monetary Loss: $164000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Always a catch if it sounds o good to be true then it usually has a bad catches I rather pay full price and not book 3 rd party cause they don't have your back like my travel agent would