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Dear Sheila,

We appreciate your feedback.

First and foremost, all of our special offers are presented in a clear and comprehensive manner with the eligibility requirement's list at the bottom of each hotel offer.

Please be reminded that your vacation package was no longer refundable when you called to cancel your reservation only 1 day before your scheduled check-in date and you agreed to open-date the package in order to take a future vacation. (You have until October 16, 2017, to use your credit towards any BookVIP vacation package for which you are qualified.)

If you had cancelled your vacation package within the 7-day refund period as stated in the Terms and Conditions governing your promotional package, you would have received a full refund.

The Terms and Conditions governing every promotional package are located on BookVIP’s website and are reviewed with each customer during the sales call.

All customers must agree to the Terms and Conditions via electronic signature before any reservation is final and the travel dates sent to the resort.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, send over 100,000 people on vacation per year and have more customer video reviews than any other travel site:

James Colligan
Resort Vacations International/
0 comments is spam peoples out alot of money in my want my dawn money back

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