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Dear Sandy,

We at BookVIP feel bad over your definitely preventable situation, however, this is the very first issue we have ever in over 100,000 vacations as on the Terms & Conditions it says you must bring your passports. Also, if you travel internationally anyplace in the world by plane, you MUST have your passport.

We are also very concerned that the TSA and United Airlines allowed you to even get near the gate much less on the plane without passports. As the passport cards you had are only valid for land and sea border crossings, but not getting on a plane.

As per our written Terms and Conditions that you agreed to, the resorts do not offer a refund especially when you were a no-show for the dates you had booked.

You should have received a 100% refund from United Airlines as they should have never let you on the plane. The only reason United Airlines even gave you back 50% was because they mistakenly allowed you to board the plane, If they had stopped you before boarding as they should have, I am sure they would not have given any of your money back.

It definitely is not fair to blame BookVIP over an issue that could had been easily confirmed in a 3 second Google search or phone call to the airline, or while you checked in at the airport.

Very dissatisfied with this company!!!

I booked a flight to Cancun, Mexico for July 23 to July 30, 2016 for my family of 4.

We had passport cards instead of booklets. So, we made it to Cancun airport to be deported that same day due to improper passports.

I called BookVip on July 24th to see what could be done and was told too bad that is your mistake. Nothing is stated anywhere about passport cards..the girl I spoke with had no ideal what passport cards how was she going to help me??

I was told to call United Airlines...because their staff let us board the flight with improper identification.

Bottom line United did give us 1/2 of our money back on 4 airline tickets.

BookVip, you need to educated your staff!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookvip Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: How my situation was handled.

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