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Dear Ms. Amidzich,

Thank you for your valuable feedback as I received your email last night and responded immediately. I am glad we were able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. As I explained, your original reservation was never cancelled, however, under the special program we are not allowed to transfer resorts once the reservation is confirmed. I pride myself in BookVip offering the most discounted vacation packages and having an A+ rating Better Business Bureau for our customer service. We appreciate your business as well as your brother in law who had used us in the past and had recommended us. We wish you a great vacation!

We will send over 300,000 families on dreams vacations alone this year! We have more actual customer video reviews than any other travel site. As a rapidly growing company we are not always perfect, however, I can be contacted directly at to resolve any issue or you can our call customer service call customer service 24/7 at 888 845 0602. Thank you
Hoboken, New Jersey

Update by user May 22, 2015 makes it rather difficult to immediately remove a post, therefore I am including an update to my previous post. After I emailed James, owner of BookVip, I received a response from him in less than one hour.

James and his team quickly and professionally rectified the situation and my boyfriend and I are very pleased with the outcome.

Originally we were very upset with BookVIp. I did some research, found this site and James's addressing everyone's concerns. I took a chance in contacting him and I was very surprised yet very pleased that he acknowledge my email and took corrective action so quickly.

I now have restored faith in this company and my boyfriend and I are looking forward to our vacation in Mexico.



Original review posted by user May 20, 2015

This is a message I sent James, who on this site has identified himself as one of the BookVip owner's.

My boyfriend and I booked a vacation to Playa del Carmen for May 31-June 7. We received the confirmation for the Secrets Capris Rivera Maya. Two weeks ago we inquired about changing the hotel to Secrets Silversand. The BookVip agent confirmed that we would be able to make the change and we paid an additional $116 to do so.

We received a direct confirmation from Secrets Capris Rivera Maya (when we originally booked it) but not from Secrets Silversand. I called the reservation line today to confirm everything was ok. To my dismay the phone operator informed me the previous BookVip agent had cancelled our original hotel reservation and never made the change; supposedly he was new and this is why he made this mistake.

Our flight's have already been reserved and cannot be changed without us paying a $400 change flight fee.

I understand businesses make errors. I'm ok with that. What concerns me is the fact that BookVip's standard policy in situations like this is refuse to take ownership and offer a simple remedy to ensure best customer quality service. Instead every BookVip agent I speak to is able to acknowledge this company's mistake but offer no solution to compensate the customer. Why do we have to pay money out of pocket for a mistake that BookVip made? Sounds like terrible business ethics.

I find this quite disturbing. Perhaps you have such a successful business that BookVip is perfectly ok with screwing people?

We did our part and BookVip reservations hotline made several errors. BookVip could rectify the situation, however, is choosing not to.

I supposed going viral with this or trying to get the local tv news to investigate BookVip is of no interest to you?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Suzanne Amidzich

201 424 3735

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookvip Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Reservation to resort cancelled, BookVip not refunding airline change flight fee-even though cancellation was an error on the BookVip agent's part..

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Having my reservation cancelled, No refund, Company phone calling service, Put on long hold.

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