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Dear Micah,

We appreciate your feedback and are happy that everything worked out. Above all else, providing excellent customer service is our main goal.

We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to plan your next vacation.
Woodbridge, Virginia

Below is my submission to the Better Business Bureau. If anyone is interested in joining a class action law suit please reach to

Complaint Description:

Total bait and switch - advertised a package that I bought then said after I purchased plane ticket that I need to pay another $1000 or change hotel. TOTAL BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM WITH TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Entice you with an attractive offer (~$600 for all inclusive stay). Then prior to booking they say we need to pay another $112 for required gratuity fee. Then after booking plane tickets, they call and say we were misquoted the hotel price so we need to either pay another $1000 or find another lesser quality hotel. As a DoD member I plan to broadcast this experience as much as possible with my peers. I sent the email below to try to resolve this complete bait and switch scam, after speaking to someone who said a manager would call us the next day. Instead of calling, we simply received an email stating that our reservation has been "canceled". No mention of the "non-refundable gratuity fee of $112" or even an apology for the two plane tickets ($800+) we purchased and wasted!!! I have complete emails and screenshots of the offer/purchase with details should anyone ask me to provide it. -

Hello, Today I received a call from a "Laki" (sp?, ext 0203) stating that the price for Secrets Playa Mujeres was misquoted to me and that I would have to adjust my reservation to another resort. This is my formal notification to let you know that I am not willing to adjust the resort where we plan to stay - Secrets, Playa Mujeres in Cancun. Per our agreement, summarized in the correspondence below and substantiated with your withdrawal of funds from my checking account, we purchased a stay at Secrets, Playa Mujeres and paid accordingly. We are as such expecting to stay at the resort for which we paid. The only potential recourse for which we could understand is if the resort is unavailable (as described in the terms below ... "In the unlikely event your resort is not available, you will be guaranteed one of these AM Resorts: Unable to list. Please call for options."). We know this not to be the case as we have already booked our stay with the resort. In short - this is my observation, we planned a nice experience for our 10 year wedding anniversary, we recognized an appealing advertisement online for Secrets Playa Mujeres in Cancun and purchased it. We later paid the difference for the entire trip, but were then told we have to pay more than originally planned (inclusive of a $22 gratuity fee per night, which was already debited from our account but was not previously referenced). We purchased plane tickets upon confirming our resort reservations. Then we received a call saying that the original cost was misquoted and that we would have to pay the $1000 difference if we want to stay at the resort we purchased, or we would have to stay at a different, cheaper resort. The irony of this is that someone from VIP spoke to us on the phone saying, "Because this is such a low cost you need to participate in a 90 minute sales pitch" - Really??? This is TOTALLY unacceptable. As I described in our recorded conversation with your staff tonight, I will not accept this. I am incredibly frustrated already, before we even start our trip. I PROMISE you I will more than negate any positive YouTube videos, BBB ratings, or customer reviews you have if I cancel my plane tickets because we did not get what we paid for. I also plan to convey my frustration to the resort itself and will include them in my public feedback if this is not resolved. Finally, I am now keenly concerned that our experience may be compromised as a result of this conflict and I will not accept a sub-par experience as a result - without communicating publicly. This is not my first successful law suit, online critique, or BBB complaint and I am happy to pursue each with persistence further. Bottom Line: You advertise something, I purchase it and buy plane tickets to experience, you later call and say that YOU misquoted the amount (recorded) and tell me I need to find a cheaper resort. This screams SCAM and I don't think it would be difficult for others to appreciate this.

Your Desired Resolution:

Deliver upon what was promised and what we purchased (5 night all inclusive stay at Playa Mujeres, Secrets for the dates requested). If not accommodated by the time we cancel our plane tickets I will absolutely demand a full refund for our plane tickets, the gratuity fee, and the reservation fee - or will pursue small claims court with punitive damages for our headache with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookvip Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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