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Dear Elizaphan,

We appreciate the opportunity to address your comments.

Above all else, providing excellent customer service is our main goal and all of our customer service agents are highly trained and qualified. We apologize for any stress caused by the manner of communication of the representative you spoke with.

The reservation information you reference in your review (and which you previously provided to BookVIP) is Now Sapphire Resort’s retail hotel package that includes 2 kids for free – at a cost of $1768.70. The price of the package you purchased from BookVIP cost was $585.98 for 2 adults – a savings of over $1,000!!! If you had agreed to pay the additional $345 for your daughter, you still would have saved over $800!

The vacation packages offered by BookVIP are amazingly affordable because the resort partner is paying for 70% of the cost of these promotions.

Due to the limited number of packages available, the resort partners set forth certain eligibility requirements to ensure that the packages are enjoyed by the guests for whom they are designed.

As the booking company, BookVIP must ensure that all guests are eligible for the promotional packages before reservations are made and sent to the participating resort provider.

The Reservation Details, which clearly state all details concerning rescheduling, penalties and refund policy, are reviewed during the sales call. The customer must then agree to the Reservation Details via electronic signature before the booking is finalized and dates sent to the resort.

As clearly stated on the website and reiterated by the sales representative you spoke with, the promotion you purchased is offered to married / cohabitating couples and includes children under 2 years old. An additional charge is incurred for children over 2 years old.

All the Terms & Conditions of the offer are listed at the bottom of each web page as they are slightly different for each. The reason why we have over 3.6 Million Facebook Likes, more customer video reviews and sent over 100,000 thousands of people on vacation this year alone is because we are the worldwide leader in promotional packages - that's our specialty. If you meet the resort's requirements and agree to attend the resort preview, you will receive the promotional rate

James Colligan
Resort Vacations International/

This all started with me receiving a text saying that I had won a free vacation package at the Mayan Palace resorts, and when I called I was told that my dates were not available. I was then told of the 25% discount I would receive off any other deals since I had won the "sweepstake" but that I first of all had to pay $99.99.

I chose a Bookvip vacation package with Diamond resort, and on the resorts site (Now resorts) they had a promotion that says "kids 12 and under stay free", while Bookvip's site says 2 and under stay free. Before booking the vacation package I told the rep my daughters age (5) and that I had called the resort and they told me of the promo package which was to commence on the day of my vacation. I called the resort about 4 times and even printed out the promo page. However when I called today (less than 24 hours later) the resort stated that they will not honor it since is was through Bookvip at the end this package would have added a $65/ day charge for my 5 year old and a $25+/-/day charge for gratuity making my vacation package which was advertised at 599 for 5 nights + an additional $99.99 for taxes go up to $1,135 (i.e.

685.99+ 450 (for extra resort charges for child and gratuity) The resort staff then said that since it was still within 24 hours I would not be charged a penalty so they transferred me back to Bookvip I 1st of all spoke with a rep called Fil who told me that all he needed to do was confirm that my purchase was within 24 hours to cancel. Fil then transferred me to speak with Hector after he had confirmed the time of purhcase. Hector looked up the information (the Resorts promo) and told me that he sees no reason why I should not be given the discount then he put me on hold to call the resort. When he got back he changed all what he was saying, that I should have read the terms and conditions or opted for insurance.

I told him that insurance was not given to me as an option and by the way there was no way to view the T & Cs until you click you accept, and that I thought was not right. I also told him that the rep (Jason) who sold me the package was aware of the promo and had told me that I would need to follow up with the Resort. Hector sent me an email saying this is my ip address from where I agreed to the agreements, I asked him to listen to the conversation that I had had with Jason the previous day and he was well aware of my daughter's age and to listen to all the other details. I was later sent an email and I called and they told me that they will not issue me a refund that however I would my money will be given to me as a bookvip credit that can be used for a later booking (no mention of any penalty).

I called later to redo my vacation package for another resort and Cler confirmed with me that I had my money refunded as a credit (no penalties indicated) and she told me she would email me options of what they have available for my dates. But instead she emailed me the same one she had told me about online which I was not interested in. I called back again to try and get information of available deals after and I spoke with someone called Robin who was not so nice and she then proceeded to tell me that by the way she would be penalizing me for cancelling. At this point I had just about had it.

1. No consistency with information shared or from one rep to another 2. Not polite 3. On their website for this particular resort says cancel up to 7 day prior and my vacation is more than 7 days away.

4. Clicking a link to unknowingly accept T & Cs which you have not seen or not made aware of. 5. I was not given a 25% discount as promised 6.

The whole package ended up costing about the same as other regular sites.

7. Unfair practice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookvip Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $685.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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