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BookVIP is a rip off and fraud. Don't book with them

Thank you for your valuable feedback. As an owner, I pride myself in BookVip offering the most discounted vacation packages and having an A+ rating Better Business Bureau for our customer service. The reason we can offer packages 70% off the retail rates is because the resorts subsidize the cost of these discounted vacations in exchange for your time during the resort preview. The resort verifies each reservation before issuing a confirmation number as resort is paying the cost of discounted vacation. A majority of the issues occur when the resort finds the terms & conditions are being circumvented. We will send over 300,000 families on dreams vacations alone this year! We have more actual customer video reviews than any other travel site. As a rapidly growing company we are not always perfect, however, I can be contacted directly at to resolve any issue or you can our call customer service call customer service 24/7 at 888 845 0602. Thank you
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Problems with payment

We recently book a vacation with BookVIP and it was for a timeshare in Cancun called the Villa Del Parmar. It was originally priced at $399.00 and by the time we paid it totaled over $600.00. We had a confirmed reservation and made our flight plans and then they cancelled our reservation without cause. They tried to put us in a much less desirable hotel, one with a room the third of the size and non-comparable. They told us they'd pay the fees, about a hundred dollars and a refund of $150.00 but that still did not make up for the dump they tried to put us in.

Additionally they kept harassing us and telling us we cancelled the reservation and that if we didn't accept the other reservation they'd cancel the contract. Well they violated their contract when they cancelled our reservation and we are now out money for our airfare.

Also our credit card was compromised by using them between the resort and them because those are the only two places we used our card.

Do not use this company. They are a scam and we not will have to take legal action and have no vacation.


A true nightmare after their website wrongly booked a non requested vacation on wrong days, I personally called fiesta Americana cabos to cancel my self as they owe me a favor, fiesta cancelled and these other people had no choice to reimburse me. Attention they are affiliated to Expedia, so their deals can't beat Expedia 's YES they are scammers


I am so glad I read the reviews before I went ahead and booked at this site. I am getting married and would have been devastated. Thank You for the heads up!


I booked and was charged with book vip for this same cancun package and then was told that the package wasn't availble unless I paid another $640.00. I said that I couldn't afford it and needed to cancel, so they said that management would call me back later that day.

No call. I have called several time and always got the same run around. Management will call you today. No call.

I have not recieved any confirmation of cancellaton or anything.

Classic bait and switch? Or just thievery?


Love how "James" gives the same generic response on the complaints. thanks for the heads up, you saved me a and many others a huge headache.


Thanks for the insights!

I will not buy from these scammers!


I am very sorry to hear about your booking experience has the definitely close to our high standards as we are the largest provider of discounted resort promotional packages. We book over 50,000 vacation packages a year and have an "A-" rating with Better Business Bureau

Please contact me directly at as we are always looking to improve. Thank you


Just stop with the "high standards" you aren't fooling anyone and it's insulting to act as if you're so innocent and can't understand that HUNDREDS of people have been scammed by you. I can't wait to see a class-action suit come out on you ***-bags.


thank you i was going to book , but i can understand that it could be a scam because they want to sell time share there in for the money for sure.


Thanks, I will look elsewhere for our vacation.


Hello Anonymous,

I am one of the owners of and you can contact me directly We are the largest travel promotions company and handle over a ten of thousands special promotion packages per year without any issue.

Like any company, we are not perfect and we are always looking to improve. The most difficult part in selling the discounted promotional packages are the terms and conditions that the resort sets as they are ones subsidizing the cost of the rooms for qualified customers to listen to their vacation ownership /timeshare presentation. Again, the rooms are discounted many times over $1500 in exchange of the customer's time and meeting the resort's qualifications. Where most issues occur is where the customer tries to circumvent the resort's qualifications and the resort denies the reservation or where rooms become unavailable due to sold out dates in which we always refund the customer.

One of the most difficult items we deal with is group travel as the resorts don't permit it with the promotion.

All of these terms & conditions are disclosed on the site as well. Each customer signs electronically the terms & conditions before we ever charge a customer.

Again, I appreciate your feed back and look forward to hearing from you


James Colligan



Pure BS autoreply. I doubt this James is even a real person.

We emailed him, but I don't expect a response.

The Louisianna State's Attorney General's office can be found here:

Take the time to fill out a complaint

BBB or West Monro LA. The actual business address of these crooks is: Resort Vacations International 120 Fox Run Dr Natchitoches, LA 71457-7881

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